Former projets as Principal Investigator

-Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence from 09/2012 to 08/2015; funding for seminar series (about 50 guest speakers in three years), six workshops, and visiting fellow scheme.

-Jean Monnet Chair from 09/2008 to 08/2013; funding for seminar series and three workshops.

-CISONANCE project, from 09/2004 to 08/2008; ‘Civil Society and Governance: a deliberative and international perspective’ analysed the potential role of civil society in the democratisation of governance beyond the nation state, comparing the role of civil society in policy formation in the EU and the WTO.  CISONANCE was part of the broader NEWGOV ‘New Modes of Governance’ project, an Integrated Project funded by the Sixth Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission, coordinated by the European University Institute.

-From 09/2005 to 08/2007, Project on constitutionalising civil society participation, funded by the ‘Rientro dei Cervelli’ scheme (programme against the brain drain) by the Italian Ministry of Education and Universities (MIUR).

-From 09/2003 to 08/2004: Jean Monnet Fellowship at the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute. Research project on ‘Decentralism and European constitutionalism’ in the context of the European Forum on ‘Constitutionalism in Europe’

-From 09/2001 to 08/2003: Marie Curie Fellowship at the Centre Européen de l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris. Research project on the on the ‘Open Method of Coordination in European Employment Policy.

Funded expert studies

-Study for the European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions on ‘New modes of governance in European industrial relations’ (October 2005-June 2006), together with Paul Marginson, Evelyne Léonard and Roland Erne. (Analysis of new and soft policy instruments in industrial relations, including a Delphi survey with stakeholders).

-Expert for the European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions; taking part in the scientific committee established to revise the EU Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary (June-September 2004). (My contribution dealing mainly with social dialogue, employment policy, health and safety policy).

-Study for the European Economic and Social Committee on the topic of ‘The European Economic and Social Committee, the citizen and organised civil society’; expert study to assist the rapporteur of the Committee’s opinion on ‘The role and contribution of civil society organisations in the building of Europe’, adopted on 22 September 1999.

-Concise Report of the debates of the ‘First Convention of the civil society organised at European level’ organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (15 and 16 October 1999); published in context of the European Commission’s White Paper on European Governance (2001) at

-Co-author (with Lorenzo Mechi) of a study ‘The ESC in the Year 2000’ for the European Economic and Social Committee on the role and future of that Committee.  Published on the ESC website

Participation in European academic networks

-From 9/2004 to 8/2008: participation in the ‘Legal Task Force’ of the NEWGOV project, ‘New Modes of Governance’, an Integrated Project funded by the Sixth Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission, coordinated by the European University Institute. The ‘Legal task force’ of the NEWGOV project (composed of Gráinne de Búrca, Neil Walker, Joanne Scott, David Trubek, Kenneth Armstrong, Claire Kilpatrick, Imelda Maher and myself) provided a legal perspective on the new modes of governance analysed by political scientists within the NEWGOV project.  (EU funding for meetings of the task force)

-From 9/2003 to 12/2005: Participation in CIVGOV, ‘Organised Civil Society and European Governance’, a Commission funded (FP5) Integrated Project co-ordinated by the University of Trento, involving nine other partner institutions. The project, having a predominantly sociological approach, examined the role of Movement Advocacy Coalitions in articulating the preferences of European citizens into EU-level policy making. I was not the Principal Investigator of this project but part of the co-ordinating group in Trento, focusing in particular on the EU level and institutional dimension.

-Participation in the EU funded Network of Excellence EU-CONSENT ‘Wider Europe, Deeper Integration? Constructing Europe Network’ (Sixth Framework Programme of the EU), namely in the group ‘Institutionalising access: European Civil Society After Enlargement’ (EU funding for meetings).

-From 9/2004 to 8/2008: Participation in the Network of Excellence ‘CONNEX’, ‘Connecting Excellence on European Governance’, in particular to the research group on ‘Civil Society and Interest Representation in European Governance’ (EU funding for meetings).

-From 9/2002 to 7/2004: Partner in the Integrated Project 'Reflexive governance and fundamental social rights' (FP5), co-ordinated by Olivier De Schutter (Centre de Philosophie du Droit, Université Catholique de Louvain). It provided a 'meeting-place' between European labour law, legal and democratic theory, and empirical study of EU governance, in particular of the Open Method of Co-ordination (EU funding for meetings).